Hybrid mobile app for a leading provider of all-flash storage solutions.

The Pure1 mobile app is designed for Pure Storage clients to monitor their appliances and manage support cases.

  • Services: Mobile App Development
  • Industry: Data storage
  • Launched: 2023
  • Country: Worldwide
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Pure Storage is an enterprise flash storage provider. It is a pioneer in all-flash storage and as one of the fastest growing enterprise IT companies in history, it enables customers to quickly adopt next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help maximize the value of their data for competitive advantage.


When Pure Storage decided to upgrade their Pure1 application, they knew that the speed and quality of delivery of the new solution would be essential. The original application based on Apache Cordova technology had already started to fall behind the demands of modern times, so they decided to switch to Flutter technology. All while maintaining the original functionality and essence of what made the original Pure1 application special to its users.

What was ahead of us

Reverse engineering: Pure Storage needed to completely redesign their Pure1 app into the new Flutter technology, giving it a new coat of intuitive design while retaining all existing functionalities.

Time constraint: the clearly defined deadline left us no room for error and we decided to take a bold decision - to start development in parallel with designing the user interface.


Agile development

For the project, we dedicated a project manager, a UI & UX designer and a team of developers focused on hybrid app development, and although Flutter wasn't our most familiar environment, we were able to adapt very quickly. We reverse engineered the app and due to the clear deadline for completion, we decided to design and develop the app at the same time, which is not a standard easy process.

Quality at speed

We fully met the client's required test coverage and delivered the solution without error, on schedule and without the need for time consuming fixes or rework.

Rejuvenated app

Pure Storage received a modern hybrid app compatible with iOS and Android. The app now boasts a fresh design with an improved user experience. Additionally, we have streamlined certain processes within the app.

Using what already exists

The fact that Pure Storage already had a working application proved to be a big advantage in the speed of delivery of the new solution. They didn't have to start from scratch with specifications or analysis and we took what was already working and improved it.


This section displays individual appliances with their current status according to the filter selected by the user.

Appliances - Feature


The user can create a new support request directly in the app, as well as view other open tickets and chat directly with technical specialists within the support case.

Support - Feature


The dashboard section displays open support cases, alerts and a summary view of individual appliances. There is also a graph of the response and overall performance of all appliances.

Dashboard - Feature

Sorting & Filter

Advanced sorting and filtering functions allow the user to view individual appliances according to selected filters such as location, alert status or ticket connection.

Performance itself can be specified as read or write speed, IOPS, load, and more.

Sorting & Filter - FeatureMeasurements - Feature

Client side team

Rush Maniar

Rush Maniar

Product owner

Peter Gulyas

Peter Gulyas

Technical Program Manager at Pure Storage

Dominik Salai

Dominik Salai

Member of Technical Staff at Pure Storage

”Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a streamlined storage management experience on your mobile.”

- Rush Maniar, Product Owner of Pure1

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Experience the app for yourself in a prototype below.

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