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Application was born inside iDevBand company in 2016 as an internal project.

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The apps we work on at iDevBand are created thanks to our internal brainstorming meetings or on the basis of inquiries from other companies. With the Shift Planner it was a different story. The idea for an app for planning shift operations in factories came unconventionally from an individual. The person needed to see in some form when people around him/her work in shift factories, when they will be at work and when they have days off, so that he/she can better plan his/her time together, holidays, etc. The idea went through our internal round and we could see relatively solid potential in terms of B2C and even B2B market.


Our solution

Shift operation in factories means irregular working hours. For example, an employee may have two mornings, two afternoons, two night shifts, and two days off. At the same time, each factory or company may have shift operations planned differently.

So it was up to us to create such an application so that new users can quickly find their factory, shift, check that everything agrees with realistically planned shifts and easily start using it.

The resulting application, Shift Planner, simply put - looks like a calendar in which the user sees when the person is working shifts at work and when he/she is not. The end user will find his factory, or we will add it there with his/her help and log in to his/her shifts.

The shift planner exists in two versions: basic and premium. In the basic version, the user - and not necessarily only a specific employee, but also the person to whom he/she gives access to his/her scheduler - sees the shift. In the premium version, you can also view holidays, add notes, days off, or add an extra shift.

“Perfect useful application. I really like the possibility of profiles for more people, so I can watch the shifts of my family and friends at the same time. It is also very useful to be able to change the shift, delete or add more shifts in case of overtime. Well done.”
Denisa, Shift Planner user


Employees perceive the main benefit of the app in the form of flexibility, the opportunity to share their working hours with family or friends. After mutual agreement, we are then able to offer companies solutions using our application to simplify the work of people in managerial positions (planning, exchange of shifts of subordinates, etc.).

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8,5 thousand of active users per month without any advertising.

Monthly growth of new users is around 30%.

“Great application for shift overview. My company was also not on the list, but after excellent communication with the developer and passing on all the necessary information, he included it in the list and can be used without any problems. Days and work, including weekends, can be edited separately in the app. I would also like an overview of hours worked and overtime. Thank you.”
Dosky, Shift Planner user

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