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Moje Ambulance was founded in 2007 to provide general practitioner services for adults. Their network of 29 branches is located in 18 cities and GPs regularly care for 190,000 patients.

28 Branches
18 Cities
190K Active clients


Moje Ambulance approached us as a partner for the development of a mobile health tech application, which would focus, in addition to notices on planned examinations on prevention, and which would be connected to their existing medical desktop system.

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Our solution

Simply put, our application was designed to provide patients with a mobile health card in their phone. In its development, we relied primarily on the recent trend - namely user-centric experience. Thus, health-care users are not doctors, but patients themselves. Thus, even in our application, the patient comes first, has an overview of his medications, planned visits to the doctor, vaccinations, test results, etc.

Thanks to our experience in developing applications for the banking sector, we had no problem implementing solutions that work with sensitive data and store patient information.



The product created by us motivates patients to be more active in the interest of their health and to pay more attention to prevention. For example, when recommending a specific examination, it takes into account information from the family history of diseases, previous illnesses, or the results of previous examinations.

In addition to the created prevention system, we have also introduced patient education into the application. In addition to helping to address the needs of patients, our application also streamlines work for physicians (eg organizing visits or telemedicine).

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